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Over time your leather garments will naturally acquire an organic sexy patina.  

The heat and movement of your body will ´break-in´ your leathers to a nice comfortable fit.  Leather does stretch, but it should not loosen up on its own.  

It should only stretch in areas with stress.


Taking care of you leathers is not some kind of crazy routine with forty-five steps, unless you want it to be.  Bovine (Cow) Leather is a very robust skin.  A wipe down with a soft cloth every once-in-a-while to keep the dust off should suffice.  If (or should I say ´when¨) you get cum on your leather it is recommended that you wipe the cum off as soon as it´s convenient, unless you are trying for a crusty cum patina.  Semen is slightly alkaline so if left to soak in to leather it will react with the oils and finishes used during the tanning process and can easily leave a stain.  Usually a quick wipe with a cum rag  or clean tube sock will do the trick.


Keep these tips in mind and your leathers should give you decades of wear:


Wipe down the garment with a soft cloth to remove any loose dirt or dust.


Saddle soap with a few drops of water to treat more stubborn stains.  

Always follow the directions carefully on the package of the saddle soap.  



If the leather gets wet, pat dry the garment with a soft towel, hang dry away from any source of heat.  Slow and low is the name of the game.  You should not attempt to hurry the process as you will most likely ruin your gear.  If the leather becomes stiff after it is dry, shake the leather out to loosen it up.  If it still feels too stiff, use a natural conditioner in very small amounts.


If you are in doubt on what to do, or if you get a deep stain on your leather garment, don't try to remove it yourself.  Take the garment to a professional leather cleaner.




Yes, over conditioning is possible you do not what your leathers to fall apart.  Conditioners break down the collagen bonds.  As the collagen breaks down your leather is more susceptible to ripping or tearing.  Yikes!  A little conditioner goes a long way.  Follow the directions carefully on any leather conditioning product.   But you can ignore their recommendation on how often you should do it.   They are just trying to sell you more conditioner.


Store properly. When you're not wearing your leather gear, store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat. You can use a padded hanger to help keep the garment's shape.  Do not store your leather in plastic or airtight bags.  Like any organic material, leather needs to ´breathe´.  You can wrap it in acid free paper and in a cardboard box for longer term storage.  Avoid cold, damp, dark places.  Mold and mildew can thrive on leather.  Apparently they have a kink for it too!


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.  We would be happy to discuss your leather care needs to keep you as hot and sexy as you care to be!

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